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What is a CSF?

Founded in 2009, we operate a community supported fishery in North Carolina. Based on the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model, a community supported fishery (CSF) is a program that connects local fishermen to a local market. CSF members pre-pay for a "season" of fresh, locally caught seafood, and in return fishermen provide a weekly share of premium fish or shellfish. CSFs seek to connect communities with their food system, encourage low-impact fishing practices, and build relationships between fishermen and community members. Read more...


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From Boat to Fork - Recipes

Fresh sushi roll

Is NC seafood safe to eat?

Seafood Safety

Fish Fry & Other Past Events


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For the past few seasons, Walking Fish has been posting videos from the coast and the water.

Test Run - Clamming - Flounder Gigging - Pound net fishing - Crabbing - Clamming (2) - Filleting a Flounder - Flounder Gigging (2)


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Are you interested in where and how your food is produced/harvested, want to support the local economy, ensure access to healthy food for everyone regardless of income, and make North Carolina ever more food self-sufficient? If so, please join our email list!

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